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Meal Replacement Plus by Mission Critical LLC

Invented by the Military.
Made for the Military.
US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

The Ultimate Super-Powder for Military Operators

A Formula You Can Trust

The MR+ formula was created by a team of doctors and scientists from the U.S. Air Force 711th Human Performance Wing; a process that required over 6 years of research.


It was designed for Special Operations (SO) Units during sustained operations (SUSOPs), where soldiers are often dehydrated and proper nutrition is very difficult to pack and obtain. Click below to learn more about the amazing backstory:

What does the formula's lead scientist (and former SO) do in his personal time? Run ultra-marathons, of course. See why.

The Ultimate Super-Powder for Outdoor Physical Exertion


Mitigate exertional heat illness

  • Electrolyte based formula

  • Prevent the unwanted shifting of fluids and electrolytes around the body  

Reduce muscle wasting and preserve lean body mass

  • Insulinogenic function enhancers designed to increase your amino acid uptake, providing better fuel for working muscles

  • Embedded enzyme technology designed to target the release of leucine peptides for better absorption.


Deliver energy, mental clarity, improved motivation and mood 

  • Without the crash, jitters, or habituation


Support your body during high intensity or long periods of exercise.

  • Protein 

  • 100% vitamins & minerals

  • Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) accelerators to boost muscle growth and muscle recovery

More than a supplement, this is the ultimate super-powder for outdoor physical exertion. The U.S. Patented formula was invented by a team of doctors and scientists from the US Air Force and designed for the Special Ops. Learn more about the nutrition and testing by clicking below:

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Add MR+ powder into hydration pack


Dissolves without thickening


Drink up and stay safe


Less weight. More ammo. 

MR+ replaces an entire MRE, supplemental powders, caffeine drinks, and more. Less to pack means less on your back. Or, use the extra space in your pack for more ammunition. 

Hands Free Movement

MR+ lets you drink your meal while your on the go. Just add the super powder to your hydration pack and have hands free nutrition, energy, and calories all day long. This gives operators the chance to maintain all their focus and attention on the mission at hand.


MR+ leaves you feeling fully satisfied because of its high-calorie and nutrient dense formula effectively taking the place of an MRE. It also keeps you alert and ready for the problem at hand whether you are hunkering down in a specific location or on the move getting away from danger.

Long lasting. 

MR+ has over a 10 year shelf life and maintains its full nutritional value even in harsh conditions. It can stay in your water pack without spoiling for weeks, even after being dissolved into water.

Jumping Off the Plane

World's First Camelbak Meal

MR+ is a perfect addition to your hydration pack. Even after dissolving, MR+ does not increase the water's thickness and will leave no bacteria behind; regardless of the temperature outside.

MR+ is created with integrity and quality: